• August 13 -15, 2019
  • Chicago, IL

Lead Retrieval

How do you track your booth visitors at the Independent Home Improvement Show?

Lead Retrieval is a great way to capture leads both on & off the Independent Home Improvement Show floor. It’s easy to use and gives you a platform to manage your leads while keeping them secure, organized and ready for follow-up.

Lead Retrieval will be included with your booth purchase to assist with the collection of customer data and to help organize your leads & selling efforts both during and after the Independent Home Improvement Show.

How do you do it? Through the CompuLEAD Smart Badge Scanner or the CompuLEAD Lead Retrieval App.

Here are a few benefits:

  •  Capturing leads is quick & easy—simply scan the attendee’s badge to capture their contact and demographic information, and take notes on that lead as soon as you scan
  • Distribute your leads in real-time, even with your team back at the office while you’re at the Show
  • Upload electronic materials to your device that you can instantly send
  •  Download leads directly to your own CRM or database, run reports to help measure ROI, send broadcast emails to your leads, and more

How to Generate and Qualify Leads

We recommend your company and products to attendees by cross-matching the product categories you offer with the product categories attendees are seeking. Both parties specify this information during their registration process, which is why it is crucial for exhibitors to keep their Exhibitor Dashboard listing up-to-date in order for our system to generate qualified leads.

Step 1: Update your company listing in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

Step 2: Attendees update their preferences within their My Show account and get recommendations of who to visit at the Show. They can also ‘favorite’ exhibitors in their My Show account.

Step 3: Check your leads in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

Step 4: Collect leads at the Show with the CompuLEAD Smart App.

Step 5: Evaluate and follow up with leads immediately after the Show.

Other Lead Retrieval Resources:

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